SDL_mixer_sound patch


SDL_mixer is an audio library that supports:

The source code of SDL_mixer is bit complicated, and improving SDL_mixer (e.g. new audio format support) is boring.

SDL_sound(formally SDL_voice) was developed for the purpose of dividing 1. decode/decompress audio data, 2. mixing them. SDL_sound supports the former one.

The decoded/decompressed data by SDL_sound SHOULD be passed to SDL_mixer, but there is no support of SDL_mixer that handling decoded/decompressed data from SDL_sound (yet).

I have an experimental code(patch) that enables SDL_sound as a part of SDL_mixer's driver(decoder).



How to use

Nothing special. You can use normal SDL_mixer functions like Mix_LoadMus(). The only one this patch do is bypassing decoding process to SDL_sound.


Nothing. Simply sending decoded PCM data to internal mixing loop of SDL_mixer.

Why experimental?

author: Tsuyoshi Iguchi (
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